6 Important Signs That Tell You If You Should Fire Your SEO Agency or Not

6 Important Signs That Tell You If You Should Fire Your SEO Agency or Not

Most businesses are busy innovating and producing new products and services to the public. They are more concerned with the revenue than anything else. In order for them to increase their brand’s visibility, they would need to have a website of their own. And, they would also need to implement SEO techniques for them to truly improve their brand recognition.

In most cases, business owners hire SEO agencies to handle the tasks for them. After all, it can get really complex and some owners are just not tech savvy enough.

With that being said, if you’re going to hire a SEO agency, you’re putting time and money as your major investments. But there are some instances where the agency that you hired might not be the right one for you.

So, how can you tell if that is the case? Here are some important signs you need to look at:

Timing and Results

Before you take any action, you must first know that SEO takes time. And no, we’re not talking about a span of 1-3 months, we’re talking about more than 6 months.

If, however, you haven’t seen tangible results 6 months down the line, then you need to confer with the agency and ask them about their SEO strategy.

You might give them some more time, but if a year has passed and you still haven’t seen any real improvement, it might be time to move on to another agency.


Communication is key if you want to be successful in just about any facet of life. This is especially true when you’re communicating with your SEO agency. If you sent a message and it takes them hours or even days before you receive a reply, then that is a tell-tale sign that they’re not trustworthy.

Lack of Transparency

The thing about doing business is that complete transparency breeds trust. If your SEO agency only promises you good results without actually telling you what they’re going to do, then that should be something to worry about.

Transparency should always be there since you’re paying them money. It pays to be informed about recent advancements and the techniques that they’re going to use.

Quality and Frequency of Reports

Are you getting frequent updates? Are you given reports on a regular basis? And what do these reports contain? If the reports that you receive contain only little information without giving you the details, then it might be a good idea to finally move on to another SEO agency.

Pricing and Service Discrepancies

Most SEO agencies give different pricing models and the services that you get will depend on the tier you’re going to get.

If there is one agency that caught your attention, it is best that you compare them with the top agencies that you can find.

You might not know that you’ve been conned into getting a higher priced tier when you could get something of similar quality of service for much less in other agencies.

Brand Fit

In some cases, there are just some of those agencies that really do not mesh well with your brand. In situations like these, you’re better off looking for another agency.

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