The Most Basic Things You Need to Know About eCommerce

The Most Basic Things You Need to Know About eCommerce

What exactly is ecommerce?

Also called electronic commerce, ecommerce is a business model that allows individuals and firms to conduct business through electronic networks like the internet. It operates in four primary market segments.

eCommerce can be conducted over tablets, smartphones, computers, and is considered as a modern version of a mail-order shopping catalog. Almost every transaction can now be done online, including the purchase of music, books, plane tickets and other financial services like online baking and stock investing.

Are you looking for reliable ecommerce development services in Malaysia to promote your brand more effectively in the digital landscape? Before taking any major step with regards to this, you need to learn more about its advantages and disadvantages first.

The Disadvantages and Advantages of eCommerce

Increased selection. Several businesses are now offering a wide range of products online compared to what they carry in physical stores.

Convenience. eCommerce can take place, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This is one of the most important advantages of ecommerce.


Inability to touch the products. The photos online wouldn’t necessarily convey the entire story about a product. Thus, ecommerce purchases can sometimes fail consumer expectations.

Limited customer service. If you are shopping online through a computer, you can’t just inquire to an employee, and demonstrate a specific model’s features physically.

Lack of instant gratification. When you purchase a product online, you need to wait for it to be delivered to your office or home. There are same-day deliveries, but these are only offered as premium options for selected items.

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