Baby Care : Choking Hazards

Baby Care : Choking Hazards

Taking care of a baby is no easy task. There are tons of aspects to research on, and focus on. From buying baby bibs and baby thermometers in Malaysia to dealing with feeding problems, you will know soon how tough it is to be a parent. Don’t worry. There tons of guides out there that can help you out. 

When it comes to baby care, take note of choking hazards. Choking is a known cause of mortality and morbidity among kids, most especially those kids aged 3 years old, or those younger ones.



It’s true that kids choke on coins a lot. Usually, they find it on tables or on the floor. Nickels and pennies pose much bigger risks.


Latex balloons are connected with around 29% of choking deaths. That record alone makes this one of the most dangerous choking hazards for children. They can inhale these latex balloons whole while trying to blow them up. Also, they can choke on broken balloon fragments after they have popped.

Hotdogs and sausages

Hotdogs and sausages are dangerously shaped, making it lethal for children. They are very compressible, airway-sized and cylindrical. This type of food can wedge at the bottom part of the pharynx, covering the airway 100%. Make sure to cut it lengthwise before serving it to your little one. 

Bananas, Grapes and Carrots

Based on the experience of many pediatricians, bananas are a number one choking hazard. Keep in mind that carrots, grapes and bananas are considered dangerous food. Their texture and shape are very dangerous for your child’s throat. Just like with hotdogs, cut bananas lengthwise first before handing over to your baby.

Water Bottle Tops

It may not seem like it, but water bottle tops are choking hazards. Plastic soda bottle and water bottle tops are on the top of the list. These items are everywhere–on tables, floors and couches.

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