Affiliate Marketing 101

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Affiliate Marketing 101

Do you want to be a successful affiliate marketer someday? Through this, you can earn commissions for promoting another company or individual’s items. The affiliate just need to search for an item they enjoy and use, and then promote it. He or she earns a profit from every sale. This is made possible by affiliate link tracking.

Since affiliate marketing involves distributing the responsibilities of creation and marketing across different parties, it leverages on the skills of many individuals for an efficient digital marketing strategy.

1. The consumer

The consumers are the drivers of the entire affiliate marketing process. Affiliates share items with them on websites, blogs and social media platforms. Once they purchase the product, the affiliate and the seller share all the profits. Consumers receive the products normally, unaffected by the complete affiliate marketing system.

2. Product creators and sellers

The seller is considered a retailer, product creator, merchant, brand and vendor. He or she markets the affiliate product. This person doesn’t need to be involved in the digital marketing process. However, they can also function as the advertiser, and gain profit.

3. The publisher

The publisher is also recognized as the affiliate. This can be a company or an individual that promotes the product of the seller in an engaging, appealing manner to potential customers. Basically, the affiliate markets the items in order to encourage consumers that is beneficial or valuable to them. If the consumer ends up purchasing the item, the affiliate gets a part of the revenue.

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